About Me

(in about 606 words)


I've been involved in almost every facet of software development and delivery. Specifically interested in developing good and friendly solutions to bad user experiences. I like to figure out how users interact with systems, and why - asking, what problem are they trying to solve? In my experience, the real solution to a problem that a user is attempting to manipulate is not always obvious, it takes a keen eye and understanding of user behavior to find the best way to solve what pain points are communicated.


I'm a frontend software engineer at BoomTown, a platform designed to enhance real estate agent and broker's interactions with their leads. React is my current daily language but have experience with many others. I also serve as the Scrum Master for my team, walking them through the ceremonies of the development process and helping make adjustments to enhance team efficiency and happiness. I've served as a QA Analyst, a QA Engineer focused on test automation with a variety of frameworks and tools, and along the way worked closely with UX/Design, Product Managers, Product Owners, Operations, and one of our Co-Founders. I'm about to celebrate my 9th anniversary with the company, it's been quite a journey!

Some history

I'm what they call a "geriatric millenial" - which I guess means I grew up with a rotary phone and rabbit ears on my tv, but also got to experience the wonders of AOL and Netscape Navigator before college. In high school, I got into music production and was using some of the very first audio editing programs that hit the market. When I went to college, I dreamed of being a recording engineer, but it was part of the music department and I no longer had an instrument to audition with, other than the electronic music I'd been making. So, I joined the Communications department where they had video and audio editing as part of the Broadcasting/Electronic Media program.

I like

  • Hiking
  • Getting the dog out and about
  • Traveling
  • Skiing
  • Video games (although a lot less the older I get)
  • Working out
  • Cooking and trying new foods
  • Board and card games
  • Anything water related! (diving/boating/fishing/snorkeling)
  • Learning

Travel / Geography

Most recently, I've been living and working across the USA. I left from Asheville, NC, and after saying goodbye to friends and family on the East Coast, traveled through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada - and ended up in Northern California for about 4 months. After that stint, I traveled down the East side of California, stopping in a few National Parks including Death Valley, before making my way to the coast in San Diego. After 4 months of sun and sand, I headed north along the coast and ended up in north central Oregon for the summer and beginning of fall. Then, decided to have a proper winter and headed east towards Colorado, stopping in Idaho and Utah. I'm now currently set up near Fort Collins, CO, until sometime in the summer of 2023.

Other notable adventures...

  • In high school, I sailed around the Bahamas dropping off donated bikes to kids in need on different islands.
  • Spent time building houses in Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  • Went to Alaska and helped clean up a kids camp before it opened for the summer
  • Visited Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, Dominican Republic, and Iceland
  • Lived on Maui, Hawaii, for 2 years after college